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The objective of the Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction technical interchange meeting (TIM) is to share results of on-going research efforts being conducted by government, industry, and academia in both the experimental and modeling areas associated with flow control for inlet shock wave/boundary layer interactions  (i.e., bleed, micro-array flow control effectors, fluidic injection, plasma actuators, RANS-LES, etc.). The main emphasis of this meeting is to exchange and disseminate information.

As part of this year’s SWBLI TIM, we are planning to dedicate the first day to presentations and panel discussions on the topic of Unsteady Flows. The objectives of focusing on the topic of unsteady flows include:

  • Understanding the physics of complex unsteady flow problems by statistical analysis of unsteady data from experiments and simulations (unsteady RANS, LES, and DNS).
  • Understanding the practical application of traditional statistical tools and exploring the use of advanced statistical methods in use today to explore their applicability to complex unsteady flow problems and the governing physics that can be extracted from these methods.
  • Establishing a guideline (albeit with many caveats and methods for various types of analysis) for how CFD unsteady simulation results can be analyzed in a manner that is consistent with how experimentalists could operate and what practical mathematicians would agree upon.

Meeting Location

Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) Greater Cleveland Office
22800 Cedar Point Road
Cleveland, OH 44142
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Meeting Agenda (Final)

9th Annual Shock Wave Agenda (Final) (.pdf)

  • Please see the agenda for the latest presentation details.
  • There will be no registration fee for this two-day event.
  • The attire for this meeting will be business casual.


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No-Host Dinner

There will be a no-host dinner on the first night at the 100th Bomb Group Restaurant located at 20920 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, OH 44135. Reservations will be taken with registration check-in on the first morning.


By filling out the registration, we can make sure we keep in touch before and after the meeting and prepare your access to the Ohio Aerospace Institute.

Deadlines for registration are May 1 for foreign persons (foreign nationals, U.S. citizens representing a foreign interest) and May 17 for U.S. citizens and green card holders